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Active Duty Insect Repellent 30g Stick (DEET)

$13.99 NZD


The Active Duty Insect Repellent Stick is an ultra strength personal insect repellent used by the New Zealand Defence Force in the world's harshest conditions.

It contains 40% DEET and 1% Permethrin.

Dual-Actives: Protection for up to 8 hours before the need to re-apply. Solid gel application-type.

  • Product description

    All of the Active Duty Products come in a handy size for travelling and can be carried within on-board luggage when flying. Each of the Active Duty bottles has been specifically designed to fit comfortably in your pocket, so you can always have your insect repellent or sunscreen available when you need it.

    Optimum levels of DEET recommended by the World Health Organisation and Centre for Disease Control are between 30-50%. DEET percentages higher than 40% are considered to be no more effective and may increase the likelihood of skin irritation and rashes


    View our interactive world map to see the most common mosquito-borne diseases around the world and read our travel tips to stay safe when you travel overseas.

    When visiting areas where mosquito borne diseases are endemic, it is recommended that clothing is also treated with Permethrin to ensure complete protection. Permethrin Treated mosquito nets should also be used for sleeping if there is a chance that mosquitoes may be present.

    DEET is a strong plasticiser that can distort or harm some plastics, synthetics and other materials. In case of accidental leakage always store DEET-based insect repellents separately in a zip-lock bag before stowing in luggage,. When possible, store upright and make sure cap is screwed on tightly. Wash hands after using.

  • Features and benefits
    The Active Duty Insect Repellent Stick will safely and effectively repel mosquitoes, sandflies, fleas, biting flies, ticks and other blood sucking insects for 6 - 8 hours.

    These high quality insect repellent sticks are designed to have an increased melting point of up to 53C/124F and are almost odour free.

    Recommended by the experts.