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Active Duty Soft Tissue Massage/Warm-Up Cream 30g

$10.50 NZD


Active Duty Soft Tissue Massage/Warm-Up Cream is a non-greasy, menthol-based cream in a handy 30g tube formulated to aid in the warm-up phase of activity. It is used by the men and women of the NZ Defence force to aid in training and during active duty.

  • Product description

    Massaging the Active Duty Soft Tissue Massage/Warm-Up Cream into joints, ligaments and tendons prior to exercise helps bring muscles up to an optimum temperature to help reduce pain and stiffness later. Just as important as stretching correctly, our formulation will safely and naturally produce long lasting warmth and stimulation of any muscle group it is applied topically to. This cream will also allow the user to reach a high level of performance as quickly as possible and aid in recovery.

  • Features and benefits
    It will aid physical activity and minimise injury as well as aiding recovery if an injury has occured, even after periods of intense exercise.