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Repel Permethrin Treatment Kit for Fabric

$32.00 NZD


Achieve a high level of protection against biting and blood sucking insects where infestation is severe and the chance of contracting a disease such as Malaria or West Nile Fever is high.

Repel Permethrin Treatment Kit contains Permethrin which is a powerful "insecticide" that is effective at killing mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, bedbugs, chiggers, flies and other insects that come in contact with treated gear.

Use it to treat clothing, sheets, sleeping bag liners, mosquito netting and other fabric gear.

  • Product description

    Repel Permethrin Fabric Treatment Kit contains everything you need to treat clothing, bedding or any fabric to protect against mosquitoes, bedbugs, scabies, ticks, lice and other crawling and flying insects. Permethrin is an insecticide effective at killing insects and arthropods which come in contact with it.

    Each kit contains 2 sets of gloves, bags, string, permethrin vials and instructions. Each set is enough to treat 1 large item of clothing (eg 1 pair of medium weight trousers), or additional smaller items. The weight and size of the fabric being treated will affect the amount of items able to be treated. Only treat outer layers of clothing – not underwear etc. Once treated and airdried, the fabric will stay treated for up to 10 washes, or in the case of mosquito nets (or items unlikely to be washed) 6 months duration. 

    Repel Tropical Strength, Repel Ultra or Active Duty Insect Repellents in conjunction with  Repel Permethrin Fabric Treatment Kits should be your products of choice to protect against dengue fever, Zika Virus, chikungunya, malaria, Ross River fever, West Nile fever and other diseases transmitted by the bite of infected insects.


    View our interactive world map to see the most common mosquito-borne diseases around the world and read our travel tips to stay safe when you travel overseas.

  • Features and benefits

    For "complete" insect bite protection in severe conditions and where mosquito borne diseases are endemic, specialists recommend you -

    1) Wear light coloured clothing and cover as much skin as possible

    2) Permethrin treat outer clothing, sheets, mosquito netting, etc

    3) Apply a premium DEET or Picaridin-based insect repellent such as Repel to all exposed skin to ensure complete protection

    4) Use Permethrin treated mosquito nets for sleeping if there is a chance that mosquitoes may be present