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Anti Bacterial Travel Towel - Extra Large

$54.95 NZD


Equip Anti-Bacterial Travel Towels are made from high quality materials and treatments that offer permanent protection against odour causing bacteria keeping the towel fresher and more hygenic for longer. This means you have a travel towel that lasts the distance!

  • Product description

    Equip Anti-Bacterial Travel Towels are made from high quality, super absorbent and quick drying microfibre. They are treated with state of the art PureTex Silver Technology, which harnesses the natural anti-bacterial powers of silver to prevent the growth of odour causing bacteria – even after multiple uses. 

    PureTex is effective for the LIFE of the towel and ensures that the towel is softer, fresher, more hygenic and durable. This means the towels are protected against mould, fungi and bacteria.

  • Features and benefits

    Equip Anti-Bacterial Travel Towels are perfect for use for everything from travelling overseas to camping at home and school camps - no more wet smelly towels which take hours to dry!

    The extra large towel measures 75cm x 150cm and folds down into a mesh pouch for ease of storage and excellent ventilation.